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École Élémentaire Casorso Elementary School
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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

Casorso Elementary is a dual-track French Immersion School located in the mission area of Kelowna and was named after a family of first settlers into the area. It was opened in 1973 and has received two additions and renovations, one in 1991-92 and another in year 2000. As of March 2017, Casorso enrolls 526 students in Kindergarten to Grade Six. There are 21 classrooms, (13 French Immersion, 8 English) with 23 full time teachers and, together with support staff, a compliment of 42 staff members. We have a dedicated school library, gym, computer lab, and music room.  At this time, we have bussing for approximately 12 students to school.

At Casorso Elementary we are committed to guiding your children on their educational journey. We are dedicated to look after their educational well-being, while ensuring that your child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met as well. We pride ourselves in creating a caring, safe and valued environment for students to be taught in. We want to ensure that each student feels connected and appreciated. 

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