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École Élémentaire Casorso Elementary School
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Learning Assistance Teacher
The Learning Assistance (LA) program at Casorso Elementary provides support to students who are struggling academically and need extra help to be successful in their studies.  Integral parts of the learning assistance program include assessment, identification, curriculum adaptation, and Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and Learning Plan (LP) development and implementation.  Learning strategies are taught, and assistance is given for skill development in reading, writing, math and study skills.  Learning assistance and classroom teacher's work closely together to make sure that the programming students receive in LA is in sync with their classroom program.
Instruction and assessment is also provided for students whose first language is not English and they qualify for support under the Ministry of Education as an English Language Learner (ELL).
Our Learning Assistance Program is provided in both the French Immersion Program and in the English Program.