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Every elementary school in School District No. 23 presently provides a counsellor on staff on a part-time basis.  The counsellor supports students who are experiencing emotional, social, or behavioral problems at school or home which affect their learning and personal well-being.  The counsellor is available for consultation with staff, administration and parents who wish to discuss concerns about students so that strategies for improvement can be implemented.  

In order to meet with a counsellor, students are able to meet with once and then they must have their permissions in place. Students can refer themselves to the counsellor or they can ask their teacher or parents to make a referral.  Teachers may refer a student following discussions with parents and attempts at intervention at the teacher / student level.  Parents may refer their children following consultation with the counsellor and/or teacher.  The counsellor provides referral to community agencies if the student or family requires long-term counselling or therapy.  The counsellor can offer information related to parenting issues, emotional and social growth issues, and any subjects which pertain to the healthy development of children.