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Students at our school benefit greatly from additional volunteer help and assistance in many school activities.  If you would like to help out at our school, simply notify your child's teacher, stating days and times you would be available.  Also, please list any special interests that you may have so that we can best make use of your expertise.  Thanks in advance!!

In keeping with Central Okanagan Public School's Policy, all volunteers must go through a Criminal Record Check, paid for by the School District, before working with students.  Information and the appropriate forms are available at the office.

All volunteers must complete a Criminal Record Check form and they will need to bring 2 pieces of specific identification  as listed below:


Please note that filling out a Criminal Record Check application typically takes about 10 minutes.  Once the form has been completed, we forward it to the School District Office which then forwards the application to the RCMP.  Due to privacy, the applicant will personally receive the response back in the mail and then they have to bring the response to the school office to be forwarded back to the School District in order to have their approved application on file.   As soon as the School District receives the completed and approved criminal record check, the applicants name will be on file and they can volunteer at any site in SD23 for 5 years which is helpful as children/siblings move to Middle and Secondary schools. The approval process takes approximately 6-8 weeks and we ask that applicants renew their Criminal Record Check application at the four-year mark though for continuous coverage. 

Drivers need to fill out a Criminal Record Check form as well as a Driver's Declaration. For the Driver's Declaration form, the office requires a copy of the driver's license as well as all three pages of their vehicle insurance (plus any third-party liability insurance they may have in addition to their ICBC insurance coverage).

This form takes about 5 minutes to fill out.