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École Élémentaire Casorso Elementary School
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To volunteer, parents or guardians must complete a criminal record check at the office. Please bring in two of the following pieces of identification in when you complete this: BC Driver's License with picture, Care card (If this is on your driver's license, this will count as one piece of ID), Birth Certificate, Citizenship card with picture, Care Card, Firearms License with picture, Native Status Card with picture or Passport with picture.

Once you have submitted your forms, the school district will send them away, and pay for them on your behalf. You will receive a letter in the mail, showing that you have no criminal records that we need to be aware of. Please bring this to the office before you volunteer.

Criminal Record Checks are valid for five years and can be used across the district, so if you have children in more than one school, only one record will need to be filled out




If you will be driving our students, please make sure you have filled out the volunteer form.

The registered driver must fill out the proper driving forms at the office. Please bring in your driver's license, and first two pages of your insurance forms.