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Procedures for Absent Students

​Absent/Late from School 

Parents are asked to notify the school (follow instructions on "School Messenger" Tab under Parents) of their son/daughter's absence prior to 8:30 a.m. on the days in question. 

Family trips and vacations can be valuable additions to a child's education.  As you know, ample holiday time is built into the school year.  We ask that you do your best to schedule family trips and vacations during those times.  If you do take your child out of school on instructional days, please understand that the regular program continues in your child's absence.  Teachers are not responsible for providing work in advance to students who miss school for this reason.  Because the many daily classroom activities which teachers prepare cannot be duplicated by homework before or after such an absence, we recommend that you speak to your child's teacher to discuss the educational impact of the absence.

 Please see this document for ideas on how to support learning at home while on an extended holiday.Extended Absence Policy CAS.pdf

If your child is to be dismissed prior to normal dismissal time, the parent/guardian is asked to pick the child up at the office.  If someone else will be collecting your child from school, a note to this effect to the teacher is required.

All students must report to the office after the second bell has rung to sign in.